Prerak AI

Prerak AI, the brainchild of visionary entrepreneurs, aims to revolutionize the way people engage with artificial intelligence in India. It offers a unique platform where users can have interactive conversations with renowned historical figures, professionals, and celebrities, seeking inspiration and knowledge from their wisdom and experiences.

Plannr AI

Plannr AI, a dynamic B2B SaaS tool, revolutionizes planning processes for large enterprises and organizations. Utilizing natural language processing and machine learning, Plannr AI empowers users to create and implement tailored plans, saving time and enhancing productivity. With a focus on automation and seamless integration, Plannr AI aims to optimize planning operations for its clients.

Blue Barrows

Blue Barrows is an eCommerce company that offers unique products from homegrown brands across India. These products adhere to sustainability norms and are often handmade as well as made to order. Their catalogue has a wide variety from home decor to beauty and wellness than what meets the eye.