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Plannr AI, a dynamic B2B SaaS tool, revolutionizes planning processes for large enterprises and organizations. Utilizing natural language processing and machine learning, Plannr AI empowers users to create and implement tailored plans, saving time and enhancing productivity. With a focus on automation and seamless integration, Plannr AI aims to optimize planning operations for its clients.

Founders – Heemang Parmar

Plannr AI sought to enhance its online presence by developing a user-friendly, visually appealing, and highly functional website. The primary objectives were to effectively showcase their innovative planning solution, attract potential customers, and establish credibility in the competitive market.

Virusha Tech Pvt. Ltd., a leading web development and design agency, collaborated with Plannr AI to address their challenges and provide a comprehensive solution.

a. Strategic Planning: Virusha Tech conducted an in-depth analysis of Plannr AI’s target audience, competitors, and market trends to develop a customized website strategy aligned with their goals.

b. Modern Design: Virusha Tech’s design team created an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website, incorporating a clean layout, intuitive navigation, and visually appealing graphics. The design showcased Plannr AI’s brand identity, emphasizing its cutting-edge technology and professionalism.

c. Responsive Development: Virusha Tech implemented responsive web development techniques, ensuring the website adapted seamlessly to various devices and screen sizes. This enhanced user experience and accessibility for Plannr AI’s audience.

d. Content Optimization: Virusha Tech collaborated with Plannr AI to develop compelling and concise content, highlighting the benefits, features, and subscription options of their planning tool. The content was optimized for search engines to improve visibility and organic reach.

e. Seamless Integration: Virusha Tech integrated Plannr AI’s website with their back-end systems and popular project management tools, enabling users to seamlessly transition from planning to implementation. This streamlined workflow enhanced user experience and productivity.

f. Quality Assurance: Virusha Tech conducted rigorous testing to ensure the website’s functionality, performance, and compatibility across different browsers and devices. This guaranteed a seamless browsing experience for Plannr AI’s visitors.

a. Redesigning: Plannr AI’s existing website lacked modern design elements, responsiveness, and user-centric features, failing to engage and convert visitors effectively.

b. Brand Identity: Plannr AI required a consistent and compelling brand identity to reflect its cutting-edge technology, credibility, and industry expertise.

c. User Experience: The website needed to be intuitive, enabling seamless navigation and providing clear information about Plannr AI’s features, benefits, and pricing options.

d. Integration: Plannr AI aimed to integrate the website with their back-end systems and project management tools to streamline user experience and facilitate data synchronization.


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database with supported HTTPS

Design and Development Process -

In this initial phase, we engage in a comprehensive discovery process with the client to understand their identity, values, and target audience. We also evaluate the existing website’s strengths and weaknesses. The key activities include:

  • Design Interview: Uncovering the client’s core values and target audience.
  • Website Analysis: Reviewing the existing website, its content, and functionality.
  • Site Map Update: Reorganizing the site structure and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Keyword Research: Identifying effective keywords for SEO.
  • Planning: Determining the overall design and development strategy.

With a clear understanding of the client’s identity and goals, we move on to the creative phase. Here, we develop design concepts that align with the client’s brand and objectives. This phase includes:

  • Design Presentation: Presenting three innovative design concepts.
  • Concept Selection: Collaboratively choosing the design direction.
  • Content Planning: Outlining the website content strategy.
  • Imagery Gathering: Collecting relevant photos and visuals.

With the design direction established, we proceed to build the website and create engaging content. This phase encompasses:

  • Website Build: Constructing the website using WordPress.
  • CMS Development: Creating a customized Content Management System (CMS).
  • Content Creation: Crafting compelling copy that reflects the brand’s voice.
  • Multimedia Integration: Adding images, videos, and other multimedia elements.

Before the website goes live, thorough testing and optimization are essential to ensure a seamless user experience and optimal performance. This phase includes:

  • Quality Assurance: Conducting code and browser testing.
  • SEO Implementation: Optimizing content and structure for search engines.
  • Performance Testing: Ensuring the site handles multimedia elements effectively.
  • Analytics Setup: Configuring analytics tools for data tracking.

The culmination of our efforts is the website’s deployment and official launch. This phase involves:

  • Hosting Setup: Preparing the new hosting environment.
  • Domain Transfer: Managing DNS and domain name transition.
  • Email Configuration: Setting up email services.
  • Going Live: Making the website accessible to the public.

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The collaboration between Plannr AI and Virusha Tech resulted in an exceptional website that effectively showcased Plannr AI’s unique value proposition, streamlined user experience, and reinforced its credibility in the market.

By leveraging Virusha Tech’s expertise in website development and design, Plannr AI achieved the following outcomes:

  • Increased website traffic and user engagement.
  • Improved lead generation and conversion rates.
  • Enhanced brand recognition and credibility.
  • Streamlined planning and implementation processes for users.
  • Integration with project management tools, facilitating efficient workflow management.

Overall, Virusha Tech’s expertise and meticulous approach empowered Plannr AI to transform its online presence, positioning them as a leading player in the AI-powered planning solutions market.

Optimizing Online Visibility: Virusha Tech's On-Page SEO Services for Plannr AI

About Client:

Plannr AI, an innovative B2B SaaS tool, empowers large enterprises and organizations to create and implement customized plans using natural language processing and machine learning. With a focus on automating planning processes, Plannr AI aims to streamline operations and enhance efficiency for its clients. Their mission is to provide convenient and efficient planning solutions through their web-based platform.

Plannr AI recognized the importance of improving its online visibility and search engine rankings to attract a wider audience and generate organic traffic. They sought Virusha Tech’s expertise in on-page search engine optimization (SEO) services to optimize their website, improve keyword rankings, and enhance their overall online presence.

a. Low Search Engine Rankings: Plannr AI’s website was not effectively optimized for search engines, resulting in poor rankings for relevant keywords. This limited their visibility and hindered organic traffic growth.

b. Keyword Research and Optimization: Plannr AI required comprehensive keyword research and optimization strategies to target relevant keywords that aligned with their services and audience.

c. On-Page Optimization: Plannr AI’s website lacked optimized meta tags, headers, content structure, and internal linking, which impacted their search engine visibility and user experience.

d. Technical SEO Issues: Plannr AI needed to address technical issues such as broken links, duplicate content, and slow page load times that hindered their website’s performance and indexing.

Virusha Tech Pvt. Ltd. devised a comprehensive On-Page SEO solution for Greenverz. They conducted an in-depth website audit to identify areas for improvement, performed keyword research to identify relevant and high-potential keywords, and developed a tailored SEO strategy.

Virusha Tech Pvt. Ltd. collaborated with Plannr AI to provide a comprehensive on-page SEO solution, addressing the challenges and maximizing their online visibility.

a. Keyword Research and Optimization: Virusha Tech conducted extensive keyword research to identify relevant and high-ranking keywords within Plannr AI’s industry. They optimized the website’s meta tags, headings, and content to incorporate these keywords strategically, enhancing search engine visibility.

b. Content Optimization: Virusha Tech worked closely with Plannr AI to optimize their website’s content, ensuring it was engaging, informative, and aligned with targeted keywords. This included optimizing landing pages, service descriptions, blog posts, and other relevant sections of the website.

c. Technical SEO Enhancement: Virusha Tech conducted a thorough technical audit of Plannr AI’s website, identifying and resolving issues that negatively impacted SEO performance. They fixed broken links, eliminated duplicate content, improved site speed, and implemented schema markup to enhance search engine crawling and indexing.

d. On-Page Elements Optimization: Virusha Tech optimized the website’s meta titles, meta descriptions, headers, and URL structures to align with targeted keywords and improve click-through rates in search engine results. They also implemented internal linking strategies to enhance website navigation and boost the overall SEO performance.

e. SEO Monitoring and Reporting: Virusha Tech continuously monitored Plannr AI’s SEO performance, tracking keyword rankings, organic traffic, and user engagement. They provided regular reports to Plannr AI, offering insights and recommendations for further optimization.


Through Virusha Tech’s expertise and dedicated efforts, Plannr AI achieved significant results in their online visibility and search engine rankings:

  • Improved keyword rankings for targeted search terms.
  • Increased organic traffic and website visibility.
  • Enhanced user experience through optimized content and website structure.
  • Higher click-through rates from search engine results.
  • Resolved technical SEO issues for improved site performance and indexing.

By leveraging Virusha Tech’s on-page SEO services, Plannr AI established a strong online presence, reaching a broader audience and maximizing their potential in the competitive market.

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