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Prerak AI, the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Heemang Parmar, aspires to revolutionize the way people interact with artificial intelligence in India. Prerak AI offers a unique platform where users can engage in interactive conversations with renowned historical figures, professionals, and celebrities. Through these conversations, users seek inspiration and knowledge, making Prerak AI a hub for personal growth and enlightenment.

Founder – Heemang Parmar

Prerak AI approached Virusha Tech Pvt. Ltd. with the objective of enhancing their online presence and creating an intuitive and visually appealing mobile app that embodies the essence of their mission. They aimed for a seamless user experience, captivating design elements, and a platform that genuinely inspires and engages their users.

Virusha Tech collaborated closely with Prerak AI to develop a comprehensive solution addressing their unique requirements:

a. User-Centered Design

Virusha Tech leveraged its expertise in user experience design to create an intuitive and visually captivating mobile app interface. The design incorporated engaging visuals, seamless navigation, and interactive elements to immerse users in the conversational experience.

b. AI Integration

The development team at Virusha Tech seamlessly integrated Prerak AI’s conversational AI technology into the mobile app. They ensured that each personality’s responses were authentic and aligned with their historical or professional background, providing users with an immersive and enriching experience.

c. Scalable Architecture

To handle the anticipated growth in user traffic, Virusha Tech implemented a robust and scalable architecture. This ensured optimal performance, quick response times, and a seamless user experience, even during peak loads.

a. Designing an Immersive User Interface

The challenge was to design an interface that showcased the diverse personalities available on Prerak AI while providing an intuitive and immersive conversational experience.

b. Integration of AI Technology

Virusha Tech faced the challenge of seamlessly integrating Prerak AI’s conversational AI technology into the mobile app to ensure smooth interactions and maintain the authenticity of each personality.

c. Scalability and Performance

With a growing user base, Prerak AI needed a mobile app that could handle increasing traffic and ensure high performance without compromising the user experience.


Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop cross platform applications from a single codebase for any web browser, Fuchsia, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows

Design and Development Process -

In this initial phase, we engaged in a comprehensive discovery process with the client to understand their identity, values, and target audience. We also evaluated the existing mobile app’s strengths and weaknesses. Key activities included:

  • Design Interview: Uncovering the client’s core values and target audience.
  • Mobile App Analysis: Reviewing the existing app, its content, and functionality.
  • Feature Planning: Determining the overall feature set and development strategy.
  • Technology Selection: Choosing the technology stack best suited for the project.

With a clear understanding of the client’s identity and goals, we moved on to the creative phase. Here, we developed design concepts that aligned with the client’s brand and objectives. This phase included:

  • Design Presentation: Presenting three innovative design concepts for the mobile app.
  • Concept Selection: Collaboratively choosing the design direction.
  • User Experience (UX) Design: Creating wireframes and prototypes.
  • Visual Design: Developing visually appealing UI elements.

With the design direction established, we proceeded to build the mobile app and create engaging content. This phase encompassed:

  • Mobile App Development: Building the app for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • AI Integration: Seamlessly incorporating Prerak AI’s conversational AI technology.
  • Content Creation: Crafting compelling content for user engagement.
  • Multimedia Integration: Adding images, videos, and multimedia elements.

Before the mobile app went live, thorough testing and optimization were essential to ensure a seamless user experience and optimal performance. This phase included:

  • Quality Assurance: Conducting rigorous testing for functionality and usability.
  • Performance Testing: Ensuring the app’s responsiveness and speed.
  • Security Audit: Identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities.
  • User Testing: Gathering feedback from beta users for improvements.

The culmination of our efforts was the mobile app’s deployment and official launch. This phase involved:

  • App Store Submission: Preparing the app for submission to app stores.
  • Hosting Setup: Configuring the hosting environment.
  • App Launch: Making the mobile app accessible to the public.

Throughout the process, we ensured close collaboration with Prerak AI’s team for feedback and adjustments.


a. Enhanced User Engagement

The redesigned mobile app empowered Prerak AI to provide users with an immersive conversational experience, resulting in increased user engagement and extended session durations.

b. Positive User Feedback

Users appreciated the visually captivating design, seamless navigation, and the authenticity of the conversations, leading to positive feedback and a growing user base.

c. Scalable Performance

The scalable architecture implemented by Virusha Tech enabled Prerak AI to handle increasing user traffic without any performance issues, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience for all users.

d. Business Growth

With a compelling mobile app and an effective showcase of their unique offering, Prerak AI experienced substantial business growth, attracting more users and partnerships with notable personalities.

Virusha Tech exceeded our expectations in bringing our vision to life. Their dedication to user-centric design, seamless AI integration, and scalable architecture resulted in a mobile app that not only meets our objectives but also captivates and inspires our users. We are thrilled with the outcome and look forward to continued collaboration.

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