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Meta has recently introduced new creator tools for both Instagram and Facebook. As part of the company’s announcement during Creator Week 2022, new ways for creators to make money on the social media platforms was announced.

Here’s a quick look at all the new additions. Note that most of these features are currently only available for creators in the US or select creators. More information when these features could come to more regions including India is not yet officially revealed.

Instagram gets support for Digital Collectibles

Creators on Instagram will soon be able to create their own digital collectibles on the platform and sell the same to fans. Purchases will also not just be limited to Instagram alone. Meta will accomplish this by using an end-to-end toolkit that will help creators get started with creating their own NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, along with showcasing and selling the same.

The features will come to a small group of creators first in the US, but is expected to expand to more users and more regions soon after. Meta is also adding support for video collectibles as well as adding the Solana blockchain and Phantom wallet to its existing list of supported services.

Subscriptions comes to Instagram

All creators in the US now get access to Instagram subscriptions. The feature allows creators to set a particular amount as a subscription fee for more creators to earn a predictable income and connect more with followers. A button to subscribe to creators with this option will be visible on their profile.

To be eligible, creators must be at least 18 years old and have 10,000 followers or more. The feature is expected to come to creators in more regions later.

Facebook stars, Instagram gifts and more

Users on Instagram can also now send gifts to their favourite creators by purchasing ‘stars’ from within Instagram. Stars, originally an addition to Facebook, will now also be usable with Reels.

Star senders will also be easier for creators to find in the new Comments Manager which will show all such comments in one place. Viewers can now also send stars for non-video content like photos and text posts.

Facebook creators also get a Professional Mode for their profiles which lets them be eligible to earn money through stars, add ads to Facebook Reels, and also get access to content and audience analytics and other resources.


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