YouTube introduces pinch to zoom and video navigation on mobile and web – Virusha Tech


YouTube recently launched its new ‘Unique Handles’ feature that assigns a unique handle ID to viewers and creators, which can then be used to identify them. In a recent blog post, the video streaming platform announced that it will bring some new features to mobile and web users.

While YouTube introduced lots of changes and features, the most important one is the ability to ‘pinch to zoom’ and ‘video navigation’. For those unaware, the pinch-to-zoom feature will allow users to zoom in and out of videos and will be available for both mobile and web users. Up until now, YouTube users had to keep their fingers on the screen for the video to stay zoomed in, which is not at all convenient.

The platform also introduced changes to video navigation. Called ‘precise seeking’, the feature shows a row of thumbnails whenever you navigate to a particular point in time in the video. This is really helpful if you are watching a tutorial and want to navigate to an exact part of the video. The feature will soon be available on mobile and the web.

Users can also long press anywhere on the player to seek and double tap using two fingers to skip a particular chapter. YouTube also introduced a bunch of new changes to the platform such as the ambient mode that adapts the background colour according to match the video and an updated dark theme.

Keep in mind that the new features and changes are expected to roll out in the coming weeks, so it might take some time before they are available on your device.


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