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The Xiaomi smart TV mantra has been largely the same over the years: focus on affordability and creating a better experience for its devices. Its TVs offer more premium and feature-packed performance, something you will also find in its smartphones. The latest Smart TV X50 has all the key ingredients one would expect in a Xiaomi TV, with focus on good performance and features for a not-so-high price tag. But how does the X50 perform in real-life? Find out in our full review below.

Xiaomi TV X50: What’s good? 


The minimal Xiaomi design is not something that sets the TV apart, but it is sleek and it is functional. You get a slight chin on the bottom of the TV and very thin bezels on the three other sides. This adds up to a good viewing experience.

There are two USB Type-A ports, three HDMI ports and a 3.5mm aux port, all of which are neatly laid out on the left of the TV. There are a few more additions like the AV port and ethernet port that are laid out on a bottom-facing panel near the HDMI ports. This is a small change I like because it sets apart the one-time connections (on the bottom) from the ones you may frequently plug/unplug into.

Xiaomi smart tv X50, Xiaomi smart TV, xiaomi TV, The small bezels of the TV and sleek looks make this a great looking addition to most living rooms. (Image Source: The Indian Express/ Chetan Nayak)

The TV also has larger side legs for those who want to set it up on a table instead of wall-mounting it. This leaves the TV in a sturdier position compared to some Redmi TVs I have used in the past. However, note that this also means you’ll require a slightly wider table to use them. The power connector is also modular, and can be detached from the TV easily, which keeps it damage free if you ever want to move the TV around.


The Xiaomi Smart TV X50 comes with a great LED display panel which may just be the best in the segment. This is a 4K TV so there’s no pixelation when watching supported content at high resolutions. The colours are also rich and the brightness was adequate for my setting. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, one of my favourite visual films, was a fun experience on the Xiaomi Smart TV X50.

Xiaomi smart tv X50, Xiaomi smart TV, xiaomi TV, Watching sports is enjoyable on the Xiaomi Smart TV X50 thanks to MEMC. (Image Source: The Indian Express/ Chetan Nayak)

MEMC support is present, but can be a hit or miss. It is a great addition to have in a TV in this price point, and while this is still a 60Hz Tv, the tech is enough to make your sports-watching experience better, along with other fast moving content. However, the tech may not sit well with some movies and the frame interpolation could lead to you seeing some weird markings in some frames. To avoid this, it is best to turn off MEMC for movies, which you can do by navigating to Settings/ Picture/ Motion Smoothing and setting it to Off.

Performance and features

Unlike some other TVs from the company that I have used in the past, the Xiaomi TV X50 is not sluggish when it comes to the performance, switching between streaming apps and navigating around the menus is quite snappy.

The TV also comes with good sound, with built-in 30W stereo speakers that support DTS X Surround (but not Dolby Atmos). Like with most TVs, I’d still recommend anyone looking for a more immersive experience to invest in a home-theatre system, which can be connected to the Xiaomi TV X50 via aux or the HDMI (eARC) connector.

Xiaomi smart tv X50, Xiaomi smart TV, xiaomi TV, The Xiaomi Smart TV X50 comes with built-in 30W stereo speakers, but miss out on Dolby Atmos support. (Image Source: The Indian Express/ Chetan Nayak)

The Xiaomi Smart TV X50 also comes with Android 10 TV and the optional PatchWall interface you get with all the Xiaomi and Redmi TVs, complete with a dedicated button on the remote. PatchWall has improved a bit since the older Redmi TVs, but is still something I usually don’t pick over the stock Android TV launcher. Those who do use it however, will find the dedicated button useful and the new interface slightly more polished.

Other neat additions here include a full colour tuner in the settings that can help you get your colour output exactly how you’d like it, and lots of sound tuning options as well.

Xiaomi TV X50: What’s not good? 

There isn’t much to complain about with  the Xiaomi Smart TV X50, but I can say that the company could improve its remote control. The Xiaomi remote control’s minimal aesthetic is pleasing to the eye, but it still leaves a lot of space on the remote control unused.

Xiaomi smart tv X50, Xiaomi smart TV, xiaomi TV, The Xiaomi remote could us a design refresh, and a dedicated settings button. (Image Source: The Indian Express/ Chetan Nayak)

While there are a few dedicated OTT buttons for apps like Netflix and Prime Video, a dedicated Settings button, which is found on some remotes, could be a great addition. This would allow users to access settings directly while in a video or movie to change elements like colour temperature or picture mode in real-time.

Should you get the Xiaomi Smart TV X50?

If you’re looking to buy a good 4K TV with all the important features you’re going to use and no extras that you probably won’t use, the Xiaomi Smart TV X50 is an easy recommendation, owing largely to its good display panel, features on offer for the price, and fast performance.


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