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FIFA 23 is now available for fans of the series to buy and play. The last FIFA game by EA Sports after a falling out between the developer and the FIFA organisation, the new game brings a lot of new features, changes and better graphics to the game, especially if you’re on PC. Here are all the new features and fun additions that have been included in FIFA 23.

Hypermotion 2

Perhaps one of the biggest change with FIFA 23 is Hypermotion 2 tech that breathes a new life into player movements in tha game. The tech means your favourite players move around in the game more accurately than ever. Powered by real-life motion-capture technology, Hypermotion was already introduced with FIFA 22 last year but only came to PlayStation 5 players. This year, the second generation of the feature is available on all platforms.

Cross-Play Support

FIFA 23 is the first FIFA game with cross-play support, allowing you to play a game with your friends irrespective of platforms. This allows PC players to play against PlayStation or Xbox players and vice versa. To initiate cross-play, press the right analogue stick (R3) from any in-game menu to get to the cross-play screen. From here, players can challenge in-game friends.

Power Shot

With Power Shot, users can now make use of a a high-risk, high-reward mechanism in the game that allows players to press L1 + R1 (or LB + RB) while shooting to get a nice powerful boost in shot speed, making shots nearly impossible to stop from the edge of the penalty area. The trade-off is that when engaged, players must aim a Power Shot manually, failing which they may simply shoot the ball into the stands. This is one feature that will need some practice to master.

Tactical Dribbling

With tactical dribbling, players will be able to use simply the left analogue stick to dribble past opponents effectively and with some flair. There are many new animations added to the game that can be seen when you quickly flick the left analogue stick to dribble the ball between tight spaces. While you can use tactical dribbling with most players, the feature really shines with agile players like Lionel Messi and Marco Veratti.

Critical Commentary toggle

Don’t like the referees giving you and your squad a hard time over your performance? FIFA 23 lets you turn off critical commentary, nudging the commentators Derek Rae and Stewart Robson to shut up unless they have something nice to say while the match is going on. While multiple reports have claimed that the feature doesn’t exactly work as expected just yet, an update should fix that in no time.

Women’s Football and Female Referees

It’s nice to see Women’s Football finally being given the importance it has deserved for years. With FIFA 23, not only can one play with a number of women’s football teams across leagues, but they can also choose between French male player Kylian Mbappe and Australian female player Sam Kerr (both also make an appearance on the game’s official cover) during the initial training phase when you first start the game.

Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond

Manager Ted Lasso and his team AFC Richmond from the popular TV show Ted Lasso have quite the cameo in FIFA 23. The fictional team can be found under the ‘Rest of the World’ section and users can use the team to play both offline kick-off games as well as during career mode. During cutscenes and matches, you will also see manager Ted Lasso himself played by actor Jason Sudeikis.

New Soundtrack, including a Badshah song 

The FIFA series has consistently had one of the best soundtracks in popular games and FIFA 23 doesn’t disappoint either, featuring a number of tracks from various artists and regions, all of which seemingly fit into the sport’s mood. Among these tracks is also one called ‘Voodoo’ a track by Indian rapper Badshah featuring J. Balvin and Tainy.

FIFA 23 is priced at Rs 3,499 for the standard edition and Rs 4,799 for the Ultimate Edition of the game. The title can be purchased from Steam, Epic Games, Origin and other game retailers.


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