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Amazon recently launched the Kindle Scribe, the latest tablet in the Kindle series that now also doubles up as a note-taking display instead of being just an eReader. With support for writing, doodling and even drawing, the Kindle Scribe is Amazon’s most feature-packed Kindle till date.

However, how well does the Kindle Scribe fare against the ReMarkable 2, another popular tablet that also lets users read and write. Check out our head-to-head comparison below to find out.

Kindle Scribe vs ReMarkable 2: Specifications

The Kindle Scribe comes with a 10.2-inch Paperwhite display, with a 300 pixels per inch pixel-density. The device weighs 433 grams and comes in a tungsten colour variant. The Kindle Scribe is also available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants.

The ReMarkable 2 tablet comes with a 10.3-inch monochrome digital paper display. The device is lighter at 403.5 grams. It is available in a single 8GB variant and silver colourway.

The battery life on both devices will last you weeks and both devices also support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi. They also both feature a USB Type-C port.

Kindle Scribe vs ReMarkable 2: Features

The Amazon Kindle Scribe comes with Kindle OS and supports Microsoft Office. It supports a lot more file formats like GIF, PNG, JPEG, TXT, and HTML in addition to PDFs, something the ReMarkable misses out on.

The ReMarkable 2 comes with its own ePUB operating system that doesn’t support Microsoft Office. It also supports only PDF files. However, the tablet does support Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox cloud storage, while Amazon’s Kindle Scribe is only expected to get OneDrive storage early next year.

Kindle Scribe vs ReMarkable 2: Accessories

Both the Kindle Scribe and the ReMarkable 2 come with their own stylus-like custom pens to support the note-taking/writing features. But there are a few differences. The Kindle Scribe comes with a $59 Premium Pen (about Rs 4,820), while the ReMarkable Marker Plus costs $129 (about Rs 10,537).

The ReMarkable 2 also supports eight different brush modes like ballpoint pen, pencil, paintbrush, calligraphy pen and more, which is as of now, missing on the Scribe.


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