Twitter changes its ‘Share’ button to the WhatsApp icon for some users in India – Virusha Tech


Twitter is known to make changes to its platform’s user interface, like most social media platforms will do at some point to keep the UI updated with times and newer usage habits. However, sometimes the changes do not get the expected feedback and are rolled back. Twitter’s latest change, currently in the testing phase, could be the platform’s next feature to meet mixed reactions.

Earlier this week, Twitter changed the appearance of its share-button for many users in India. The share icon, originally shaped like an arrow, now looks like a WhatsApp icon. While this would lead you to think it’s a shortcut to share tweets directly on WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in the country, that isn’t the case.

The share button simply looks like the WhatsApp icon. It still functions exactly like the old share button, opening the same share menu from where you can share the tweet in your Twitter DMs or via other apps including WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

The change would have actually been useful as a direct share button to WhatsApp, or if it made WhatsApp the primary shortcut in the share menu that appears. However, it does neither of those. The Twitter India handle does mention that the feature is just a test for now, which basically means that this change could be temporary.

Twitter has rolled back its UI changes before

Earlier this year in March, Twitter rolled out another change which had users scratching their heads. Instead of seeing the feed and tweets in an ordered, chronological manner, users would instead see ‘top’ tweets first. meanwhile, if users wanted the chronological view, they were forced to move to a separate tab on the right.

Naturally, the change received wide-criticism and Twitter was forced to roll it back and bring the app to its default feed on March 15, just four days days after the change was announced on March 11.


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